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Monastery Tours
Likir, Alchi, Rizong and Lamayuru Monasteries
These monasteries all lie west of Leh.

It takes about 4 hours to drive to Lamayuru, so the best plan may be to make an early start and drive directly to Lamayuru then visit Alchi in the early afternoon, and Rizong and Likir in the late afternoon.
Phyang, Basgo, Likir Monastery and Alchi Monastery
These monasteries all lie west of Leh along the Indus river and its tributaries. Phyang is about one hour by jeep in the next major valley; Basgo is on the main road to Kargil about two hours drive from Leh; Likir lies about 30 minutes further from Basgo; and Alchi is about 45 minutes drive from Likir. You could visit Phyang and Basgo in the morning, have lunch at Likir and visit Alchi in the afternoon before returning to Leh.
Spituk, Sankar, Shanti Stupa, and Leh Palace
The monasteries, stupa and palace are all located close to Leh. Spituk monastery is a 20 minute drive away while Sankar, Shanti stupa and Leh Palace are all within easy walking distance of the central part of Leh.
Stakna, Hemis, Matho, Stok Monasteries
These monasteries all lie on the south side of the Indus River. Hemis is about one hour from Leh by jeep and is the furthest away. Stakna and Matho lie about halfway between Leh and Hemis. Stok is a short drive across the Indus from Leh.
Shey, Thiksey, Chemrey, Takthok Monasteries
Driving east along the Indus Valley, Shey and Thiksey monasteries are about 30 minutes from Leh. Chemrey and Takthok monasteries lie on the road from Karu to Pangong Lake about one hour from Leh.