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Tso Moriri
By Brett Longley   
Tso Moriri is one of two high altitude lakes in the Rupshu region of Ladakh - the other is Tso Kar. The region has supported a salt industry in previous times, but there’s little evidence of this left now. It was mid-August in 2000 and a party of eight New Zealanders left Leh to trek from Pang on the Leh-Manali road through to Tso Moriri and then to Tso Kar where we were to meet a jeep to take us back to Leh.
Hemis to Rupshu
By Brett Longley   
It was our first visit to Ladakh. We heard about it the year before on a climbing trip in Nepal when we met a young Canadian woman who had been there and fired our imaginations with stories about the strange lunar landscapes and treks to remote areas visited by very few tourists and the Buddhist traditions strongly influenced by their Tibetan neighbours. We flew in from Delhi on a near perfect day with spectacular views of the Himalayas and a breathtaking landing along the Indus valley with mountains towering on each side as we dropped altitude on the approach to a narrow strip of runway at Leh.
The Markha Valley
By Jodi Yeats   
The small aeroplane circled the wide valley, banking steeply between bare mountains with snow-dusted peaks. Leh seemed to be a lahar of mudbrick buildings splaying down a mountainside into the dun river valley. Brown is not my favourite colour. Just below, ruled lines of soldiers marching in a parched field were an unwelcome reminder of the volatile border dispute with Pakistan, just up the road. Again, I questioned my choice of Ladakh - a Himalayan desert in northern India, as a trekking venue. At least fighting since partition had never actually reached Leh. And there were some trees down by the Indus River.
Walking on Thin Ice - The Chadar
By David Roberts   
In February 2003 I went with a couple of friends to Ladakh, in the far north of India, to trek the Chadar, or Ice Path. When the roads are impassable with winter snow, the locals use the frozen Zanskar River for access, to trade, to visit family or to attend the many festivals held during the long winter months.
My Trek in Ladakh with Sky High Treks
By Celine Gandar   
My 8 friends and I, did a marvellous trek in Ladakh last summer. I knew about Sky High Treks from my father's friend who met Tsering some years ago and did trek with him also. He has heartily recommended him to me.
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