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Stok Kangri (6135m, 3-5 days)
The highest peak in the Stok Range, this is one of the more popular climbing peaks because of its proximity to Leh. Starting at Stok across the Indus River from Leh, the trail ascends gradually to the base camp. The views from the summit into the Markha Valley and across the Zanskar mountains and Ladakh Range are magnificent.

View from Stok Kangri
View from Stok Kangri
From base camp the trail crosses a small ridge then follows the valley up to a small glacier at the base of the mountain. Crossing the glacier the trail ascends a steep slope to the summit ridge. The ridge is not technically difficult but is slow going given the altitude. In some years the last few hours of the steep ascent can be covered in snow, requiring ice axes, crampons and roping-up.

The ascent from base camp takes around 5 to 7 hours. An early start (5-6 am) is essential to take advantage of early morning snow conditions and to reach the summit and return the same day.

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