Sky High Treks and Tours
Lamayuru to Shang via Markha Valley (10-11 days)
Starting at the monastery town of Lamayuru with its fantastic eroded landscape of the ancient lake bed that now forms part of the valley, the trek ascends immediately over the relatively low Prinkiti La (3725m) and winds through picturesque fields and villages ascending slowly to Konzke La (4950m) before descending to a spectacular valley with mountains of pink and green and blue-hued rock rising in jagged peaks on either side.

Ascending again to Dundunchen La (4,700m) you are rewarded with magnificent views of the surrounding mountains of the Stok Range and across to the snow-capped peaks of the Zanskar Range. Descending through a narrow canyon to the village of Chiling you will find excellent camping under the shade of spreading trees.

Crossing the Zanskar River on the cable car and over the low pass of Kuki La (3,400m) you enter the Markha Valley. The trail takes you through several villages and some of the most spectacular landscape in Ladakh.

At Nimaling the trail turns north to take you in a steady ascent over Gongmaru La (5130m) with views across to the climbing peak of Kang Yatze before descending steeply into the final spectacular canyon that leads you to the end of the trek at Shang.