Sky High Treks and Tours
Ladakh, Summer 2011
By Olivier Murset   
"Tsering, can you book a taxi for me please?"
"Of course, at what time?"
"Tsering, can you hire me an ice pick?"
"No problem, but you won't need it."

It's great, with Tsering there are never problems, only solutions. We are 17 Swiss people, traveling with Sky High organization, for two different treks.
  • Lamayuru - Padum
  • Rangdum - Kanji
These running days, require good logistics. Bus or 4x4 for transport.
  • 2 guides to guide the group.
  • A cook and 4 helpers to do the meal.
  • 3 horsemen and 20 horses to carry the equipment.
  • Tents, cooking equipment, toilets ...
What's great is that everything worked perfectly - transport was on time, the food was excellent and the team very friendly and efficient.

We walked through the beautiful scenery of Ladakh mountains, admired fields of edelweiss and alpine flowers, crossing passes higher than the Mont Blanc, met the smiling and friendly Ladakhi people.

We stayed for two days at Padum camp place, to make some provisions and we took the opportunity to visit Karcha monastery.

During our second trek, we had yaks and horses to carry our stuff. These powerful animals are the real mountain 4x4. It's amazing to see where they can walk.

We are very happy about Sky High organization, everything went fine, in joy and good atmosphere.

Thank you very much for the wonderful holidays we spent with you!

We will come back soon!